Check out our Hot Springs pool here in Sweet, ID!

The Hot Springs water comes out of the ground at 160 degrees F!  It is cooled to 98 degrees for the pool (adjusted for each season) and 104 for the Hot Tub.

Reservations are Mandatory!

Book online now!
  • All times are subject to change especially on Holidays.  To avoid being turned away, reserve online or call first!
  • PLEASE NOTE:  You must be out of the Hot Tub, Pool and dressing rooms by the time your session ends.

HOLIDAY RATES:  Minimum of $50 covers 10 people, Add $3 for each extra person

pool schedule

  • Monday -Thursday :  The minimum for private sessions is $30 which covers the first 10 people.  add $3 for each extra person.
  • Friday :     The minimum is $40 which covers 10 people.  Add $3 for each extra person.
  • Saturday and Holidays:   The minimum is $50 which covers 10 people.  Add $3 for each extra person.

Please pay for all Private sessions in ONE payment!

Open Swim and Aerobics:

  • $3 per person for 1 1/2 hour open swim pool session (all 1 1/2 sessions are $3 even if your group stays for only 1 hour.)
  • $2 per person for 1 hour swim pool session

Open Swim Combo Pool/Tub

  • $8 per person for Open Swim Pool & Tub
  • $3 for pool only
  • $5 for Tub only
  • $3 for early morning Pool/Tub Combo M-F only


All times are subject to change especially on Holidays.  To avoid being turned away, please call first!

For Hot Tub Prices please click HERE

NOTICE: We are alcohol free.  Swimming and drinking do not mix.

The adult who made the reservation shall be responsible for the safety and enforcement of rules for the entire group and is liable to pay for damages to the facility that may be incurred by the group.  We are not responsible for any injuries or damages to your property!

A parent must fill out a one-time Waiver, Release & Idemnification Agreement for themselves and their minor children attending.  Please print out and bring waiver with you or fill one out when you get here.

If your group cannot follow the rules you may be asked to leave.  If you make the reservation, you will be considered responsible for the group, please make sure they are all informed.  See all Roystone Safety Rules HERE.

Within 3 miles of Roystone Hot Springs:

Johns’ Sweet Kayak Rentals: 209-880-2074 and on Facebook. Let Mary help you plan a great float.

Montour Wildlife Management Area: 110 acres of bird watching and wildlife viewing and HUNTING (in season) on the Payette River, just 2 miles south.  Great walks and bike riding can be found at fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/wildlife/wma/montour

Black Canyon Dam and Triangle Park for fishing and boating

Triangle Restaurant: 208-584-3426 at Triangle.Sweet@yahoo.com and on facebook

Montour Country Store: 208-584-3777

Squaw Butte:  A beautiful drive with wildlife viewing and hiking.  Maps available at the office.

And in Horseshoe Bend just 10 miles east:

Fishing ponds just north of town-easy access and stocked with fish

Zip Idaho Zipline Tours: 208-793-2947 and ZipIdaho.com

Visit Historic Ola:

17 miles north, drive back in time to the scenic church and school. Enjoy lunch at the Ola Cafe.  The Sweet-Ola Highway is a fun road-bike ride -uphill both ways!

Fun things 30+ Minutes Away:

Follow Hwy 55 north along the scenic Payette River and book a white water rafting trip with Cascade Raft and Kayak at cascaderaft.com 800.292.7238 or BearValleyRafting.com 800.235.2327

Stalight Mountain Theater at Starlightmt.com 208.462.5523

Trails to bike or hike at ridgestorivers.org or www.avimor.com/trails