NOTICE:  We are alcohol free.  Swimming and drinking do not mix.

We are a family oriented business – please act accordingly!

The adult who made the reservation shall be responsible for the safety and enforcement of rules for the entire group and is liable to pay for damages to the facility that may be incurred by the group.  We are not responsible for any injuries or damages to your property!

We accept Cash, Check or Card ($1 fee will be added to each card payment)

A parent must fill out a one-time Waiver, Release & Idemnification Agreement for themselves and their minor children attending.

General Rules for Roystone Hot Springs

Children must be supervised at all times and never left alone in pool or hot tub

A First Aid kit and emergency phone are available at the office.

Call 911 for all emergencies.  A phone is available at the office.  Cell service is limited in our area -Verizon has the only coverage

In order to avoid paying the cancellation fee -24 hour notice is REQUIRED for all cancellations.

The pool, hot tub, lodge, and grounds are all reserved separately. Stay in the area you have reserved. The hot tub is not included in the pool rental.  The grass and shelters are NOT included in the pool reservations.  These must be cleaned and maintained and are not free.

Be out of the area by the time your session is over.  The next group is paying for a full session.  More time may be reserved if available.

Clean up after your group and leave it as you found it.

Pets are only allowed in the RV area with RV customers and must be on a leash.

We are alcohol free.  Smoking is allowed in the parking lot.

Bring plenty of drinking water. Firewood available for purchase.

The pool and hot tub are closed on Sunday.


Pool and Hot Tub Rules:



Keep pool gate closed.

No diving. No running. No climbing on rocks or rails or fences.

No oils, soaps, bubbles, or lotions.

No open wounds or infectious diseases or illnesses.

Untrained children must wear swim diapers in the pool -for purchase in office.

Do not use the pool alone.

A lifeguard is required for groups of 35 or more.

No babies or small children or pregnant women in hot tub (Pool is fine). Age 8+ for Hot Tub is advised.

The elderly and those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or high or low blood pressure should consult a doctor before using the hot tub.

No one under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, or other drugs that cause drowsiness or changes in blood pressure is allowed in the hot tub.

Observe reasonable time limits (10-15 minutes) in hot tub; cool down and return.

LIGHTENING RULES :  Swimming and lightening do NOT mix.  If there is lightening, EXIT the water immediately.


Day use Picnic Area Rules

Stay in the grass area and do not go on the hill, roof, fences, behind the pool, or to the private residence.

Use the restrooms at the base of the pool.

Keep the hot tub bathroom doors closed to keep children from hot tub.

Sports equipment is in the closet and more can be checked out at the office.  Please return when finished.

Please me mindful of our picnic tables – hot dutch ovens WILL MELT THEM!  You will be charged for damages.

Open fires must be in well inside established fire pits and kept to a reasonable size. Do not leave fires unattended and extinguish completely.


Party Room Rules

Keep the party room back door and hot tub gate closed to keep children from hot tub.

Use restrooms at base of pool.


RV and Camping Rules

Call 208-584-3371 for assistance. Call 911 for emergencies.  A phone is available in the office.

All campers must register at the office.  Check-in 11am check-out noon

RV’s may fill out an envelope and drop it in the pay station at RV park.

Roystone has firewood is available for purchase.  Inquire at the office.

Bring your own drinking water.  (All of our water is Hot Springs water!)

Open fires must be in well inside established fire pits and kept to a reasonable size. Do not leave fires unattended and extinguish completely.

Pets are to be kept in the RV and camp area and on a leash when out of the RV.

Pets are not allowed in the grounds around the pool. Clean up all messes with a bag. Noisy pets will not be allowed.

No hot pans on picnic table

Quiet time is from 10pm to 8am. Non-camping guests are required to leave from 10pm – 8am

No drugs, fighting, lewd conduct, profanity.

No use of guns, bows, or weapons of any kinds.

Speed limit is 10mph. No parking on the grass.

Put trash bags in enclosure at north end of RV park.

RV and camp sites must be kept clean for the enjoyment of all guests.

Stay inside property fences, off construction equipment and construction areas, and out of private residence and yard.